Assessment, Refinement and Demonstration of Technology / Products.

  • Making provisions for education of rural people of Uttar Pradesh in different branches of study particularly agriculture, rural industry, business and other allied subjects.
  • Further strengthening of research particularly in agriculture and other allied sciences.
  • To undertake the systematic review and study of management problems of agriculture research particularly of eastern U.P.
  • To Organize, Liaise and coordinate programmes of international cooperation in the field of agriculture research pertinent to the region.
  • Transfer of technology through extension Programmes.

  • The KVK is an innovative first line transfer of technology project which aims to reduce time gap between the generation of technology and its adoption by the farmers in the larger interest of farming community and interest of Nation. To achieve this, KVK has to plan and implement the activities with the consideration of resources and condition availabilities for the target group and perform following functions.