Welcome to Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Basti

Basti District lies between 20.000 and 27.300 North latitude and between 80.150 and 83.800 longitude and 124 meter above the mean sea level. The major rivers of the district are Quano, Manwar, Aami and Ghaghra. The KVK is situated at Lucknow Gorakhpur road on NH-28 towards Gorakhpur near the district headquarter Basti. It is 200 km away from Lucknow & 70 km away from Ayodhya near market Gotwa before district headquarter (8km). Average annual rainfall of the district is 925mm, out of which 68 percent falls during the month of July to Aug causing sporadic floods and water stagnation in low lying area. Occasional situations are continuous biting into the vitals of Rice-Wheat, Rice-Wheat-Sugarcane cropping system and there be affecting the economic status of farming community.

Establishment Year

Year of sanction : 1985 by order no. 22(18)/83-kvk dated 15.01.1985

There are three categories of the farmers in the district namely Resource Rich (R.R.), Resource Poor (R.P.) and Landless Labourers(L.L.). On the basis of the topography, soil types and irrigation availability, the district may be divided into five major Agro- Ecological Situation (AES) as given below.